That's me!

That's me!

About Maria

I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and my BA from The New School. Through the years, I have worked one-on-one with writers for PEN American Center's Freedom to Write Committee, as a book publicist and assistant editor, and as the founding editor of Shape&Nature Press. I teach college-level writing and publishing courses part-time and work as a freelance writer and editor. In 2011, my first book A Love Letter to Say There Is No Love was published. 

Books and writing have been an essential part of my life since I was a little girl sitting on the couch with my dad, each of us with a book in hand and our feet propped up on the table. Profoundly moved by stories, I began writing my own when I was seven and finished my first novel--of which my Catholic school English teacher did not approve-- when I was eleven. For many years, I studied and wrote poetry, which has been published in numerous journals, and now I write everything from essays to short fiction to restaurant reviews.

A word nerd at heart, I am always fascinated by the power of language, by its structures and histories and its ability to transport and transform us. I also love the  minute and exacting work of editing, pushing language and punctuation so that the text hums along on its journey.

Take a look at my services, and let me know how I can help. I'm excited to hear from you!