The Power of a Mini Blog in Your Newsletter


Use Your Newsletter to Highlight a Product or Service

A newsletter is one of those make-it or tank-it marketing tools for small businesses. It’s great to have one if it has quality content and reminds your customer how amazing you are, but so often it can read like a grocery store circular, and no one reads those. Worse, business owners often don’t know what to write about, so the newsletter is more of a good intention than an actual tool, like that stair master in the basement. The problem is, customers want content. They want to know what’s going on with your business, so a poorly utilized newsletter becomes a wasted opportunity that could really turn business around.

Here’s a sure-fire, easy way to make your newsletter get opened, read, and shared: A mini blog highlighting a product, service, or story your customers will love.

Here’s an example: I love the wine shop Provisions in Northampton, MA. They have these great wine classes, exquisite wines at all price ranges, and all sorts of wine-tasting opportunities all month long that are super fun. So, when I see their newsletter, I always open it because I want to know when the next fun thing is happening there.

But even though I am an engaged customer, I still walk into the store sometimes and don’t know what to buy. So, I approached Provisions with the idea of a Wine of the Week mini blog for their newsletter to direct customers, like me, to wines they’d like me to try.

 It’s a win/win. Customers learn more about their individual products, Provisions will sell more wine because of the mini blog, and I get to write on a topic I love!

Get Customers to Your Site

We’ve also decided to extend the mini blog into a fully developed blog post for their site, so a customer reading the newsletter can click over to the site to read a more in-depth article. This strategy builds more SEO and inbound traffic for Provisions, so that people who are not customers of theirs yet, will find them via the blog.

 It’s a brilliant, low-cost way for a small, local business to get people interested in their specific products and services. Something like 67% of new small business customers this year have come from blog content, so don’t dismiss this excellent marketing vehicle either.

Call Me! If you think your business could use help with their newsletter and blog posts, let me know!


Sample Mini Blog for Provisions

VIP La Sabbiona – The perfect Antidote for the Over-indulgence of the Holidays

 This week’s wine is the perfect antidote to the over-indulgence of the holidays. A dry, medium-bodied, soft Famoso with a lovely straw color, apple, banana, and vanilla on the nose, and hints of flowers and fruit on the palate.

Never heard of Famoso? You’re not alone. This grape, indigenous to the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, was nearing extinction just a few years back, with only one or two farmers growing a row here and there for eating.

But in 2009, thanks to a few curious and determined winemakers, Famoso, known for its strong, sweet aroma on the vine and light aromatics in the glass, is enjoying artisanal attention.

 (Stop the article here and lead  the reader to the blog post if there is not enough room in the newsletter)

What’s exciting about a new grape on the scene is winemakers are still trying to figure out how best to work with it, and that makes for interesting and diverse versions—some enhancing the sweet and others trying to curb it.

This VIP version from the Sabbiona family vineyard is not sweet at all, well-balanced and complex, despite its lightness. Here the grapes are crushed, skins left on for 24 hours, and later refined in steel and cement vats.

We popped a bottle before dinner on a Tuesday and tested it with light snacks. How nice not to be pressed midweek by too much acidity, syrup, or oak. Instead, VIP offers a clean, soft, and slightly buttery mouthfeel with subtle floral notes and a smooth finish. Even with its airy quality, there’s a lot going on: minerality, peach, flowers and a smidge of pepper, which makes for interesting layers as you drink and discover.

 We thought it paired extremely well with fruits, both dried and fresh, and almonds. The slight floral quality complements the sweet and tart in the fruits and creates an obvious marriage on the palate. One could easily make the case for fresh cheeses, simple veggies, and white fish, but that’ll lead toward an earthier, perhaps grassier experience—also very nice.

First sips were the brightest, but with food, this wine assimilates and drinks as easily as water. But no need to be careful. Ours was gone before the Thai take-out arrived, and we easily transitioned from the snacks to the main course in front of the TV without feeling blurred out or overly chatty after a full bottle.

 Without doubt, this is a perfect everyday white when you want to keep it light, delicious, and a little different.

 Come by the Under $15 wall and find this unassuming bottle for $14.99. It’s well worth it.