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 No great book is written alone. Neither is great website copy or that incredible article you read last week. It takes a trusted team of colleagues—and a great editor— for any writing project to reach its full potential. 

As your editor, I dedicate myself fully to your writing. I use my ten years as a managing editor in the book publishing world, seven years as a content writer, and ten years as a college writing professor to offer clear solutions and techniques that will elevate your writing so it's fully ready for publishers, agents, and the reading public.

Don’t write in a bubble. Hire me, and let’s get your words into the world.




dennis finnell

"Maria Williams was my editor for my fifth book, Ruins Assembling, and she was the most exacting yet empathetic editor I've had.  She wanted what I did, the best book possible."


Erika Brummett

"Maria was a great copyeditor for my novel. Not only did she find all my little mistakes, but she made my sentences more pliable and beautiful. I was so happy with the result and so glad she understood my aesthetic." 

kaie scream 2 - copie.jpg

Kaie Kellough

"Maria was way more thorough than I expected. She even came to Montreal to walk through parts of the book that took place in the city. When she did, it revealed so many layers that I hadn't considered and made the final story much richer."


 "I first approached Maria with what I thought was a simple request: look over my memoir, Inching to Wisdom, and clean it up. I assumed she would put the commas in the right place and remove a semicolon or two. I wanted her to edit my creation for glaring mistakes. And she did that, in page after page. She did that and so much more! She added tone and clarity and nuance. She asked questions that challenged me to go deeper and make it better. She kindly suggested some areas that needed a little more and others that would benefit from less. As I responded to her edits, accepting some, rejecting a few, rewriting parts of it, my manuscript began to be not just neater and more sophisticated, it actually began to sing!  I recommend Maria wholeheartedly with bells and whistles and high praise!" - J. Eva Nagel



"I didn't know how well I could write until Maria. She has taught me so much about writing and structure and she does it in with gentleness and professionalism that I actually look forward to her critiques of my work. Her editing style blends so seamlessly with my own that it's hard to tell what she has done. The only clue is how much better everything reads once she has woven her magic through it. She is a joy to work with and I am trying to get my next book finished quickly so we can work together again."